Monday, 16 March 2009

Artist's online project or online net work -update
HK based artists network -which found by co-founders in Rotten Tomatoes which has been sold by million dollars in 2004, a popular film reviews site in UK
interesting art project introduced by SXSW¬
cited form the site "The idea for this site originally came out of my own list in my diary, under the very same title: Things I have learned in my life so far. Astonishingly, I have only learned twenty or so things so far. Over the last five years I did manage to publish these maxims all over the world, in spaces normally occupied by advertisements and promotions: as billboards, projections, light-boxes, magazine spreads, annual report covers, fashion brochures, and, recently, as giant inflatable monkeys.

So here I extend this same question to you:

What have you learned in your life so far? What is it that you are fairly sure about? What is it that you believe in by now?
Please do write it down beautifully. Design it digitally, photograph it, draw it, scan it and upload it. Use any media that works for you, paint, sculpture, film…."

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