Friday, 6 February 2009

Interesting interview day ended up with enjoy percious famous chinese painting

Today, it supposed to be a job interview day...(Yap, I m looking for a job to make some money that I can make my India trip¬)

The opening is looking for a secretary, not what I expect and I don't have any experience of being a assistant, moreover,the working venue is in a *red light area* city, but the payment is quite good and the company doing something seems quite stable and prospectively well, therefore, I still decided to go for it.

The smart boss just glanced on my CV and talked to me for a few sentences, then I think he noticed that I am not a good secretary, hah... but he seems quite interested in my experience of art...then we begun to talk about art almost for the whole afternoon¬ hah¬¬
I impressed of collection and the standard of his collection! He got more than 200 paintings from the top Chinese painting authorities¬ coolio!!!
and he showed me around 10 favorites of collection, eg: Yong Lin, Wanghuang Sheng, Ziwu Wang etc.

Super cool, he's collection are super amazing, what he collect is not only just paintings from great artist, but also great works of the artist(u know, some time, the great artist not always can make great works, however, he just collects great works)

Such a cool day. saw quite a lot of awesome works which cannot easily to see in public!